Free Short Guide To Each Way Betting

Would You Like A Free Guide To Each-Way Betting Including Place-Only Betting?

Each way betting can be a big thrill when that 50/1 shot comes in for the money and a tidy boost to your account - but how often does that happen? It's tough to pick those 50/1 shots, right?

By approaching your each way betting in a more disciplined and strategic way then you may enjoy more winning bets by avoiding those big prices and instead narrowing down the types of races in which to bet each way.

With that in mind, I have put together a short "to the point" ebook ( around 3,500 words) to look at the basics of each way betting, some approaches and strategies you can use and adapt to identify potentially suitable races to get involved with and a little look at place only betting too as another option. 

Inside my free guide to each way betting you will read about:

The basics of each way betting explained: Covering what each way betting is, how it works the win/place terms explained and how they vary from race to race and number of horses running. Worked examples are included also. So if you are not familiar with each way betting you will be after this chapter.
Approaches and strategies: In this chapter we look at various considerations you might take in to account to help zero in on potential each way bets - this includes the type of race, the number of runners, the odds, online research and how each way singles and doubles might be used to seek (hopefully...!) regular winning each way bets. 
How to protect against non-runners affecting the place terms: It can be so frustrating when a non-runner after you have placed your bet reduces the number of runners in such a way as to reduce the each way terms - for example a nine runner race is reduced to seven so you now only get paid first two places instead of three. There is a way you can overcome this and still get the original terms even in the event of non-runners. 
Place only betting: A quick look at place only betting as an alternative to traditional each way betting. How often does your each way horse not win but does place? By doing away with the win element and going place only you could enjoy regular winnings. This short introduction covers the basics of place only betting.  

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